My Web Site is infected! - The site is closed

When you recieve the email regarding your web site is infected you need to clean the files.

  1. Logg in to mina sidor
  2. Go to Services and then My Services
  3. Select the service where your web site is
  4. Go to the control panel
  5. Select the icon for Web Site, view picture 1
    • Picture 1

      Antivirus - Website
  6. Choose the tab Anti-Virus, view picture 2
    • Picture 2
      Antivirus - Antivirus
  7. Now you'll see your domain/s to the left and to the right you'l see a red icon under Site Infected, view picture 3
    • Picture 3
      Antivirus - Infekterad sajt

  8. Click on your domain
  9. Click on the plus sign to the right to display the infected files, view picture 4
    • Picture 4
      Antivirus - Infekterade filer  
  10. The infected file/s are displayed, view picture 5
    • Picture 5, at number 1 you can see the path of the infected file and at number 2 you can see the name of the virus.
      Antivirus - Infekterade filer 2   
  11. Clean the files that are infected and replace them if you have a local backup.
  12. Run a new scan on you site by clicking the button Scan Site, view picture 6
    • Picture 6

      NOTE! In the result list of Virus Scans you can see the history of the last three days of scans. Verify that the latest (on top) is clean.
         Antivirus - Scan Site
  13. When the site is clean you need to start the Web Site and Application at the top right corner where you should see a play-button that you can start your site with. Se bild 7
    • Bild 7
       Antivirus - Starta sajten


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