Two-factor login / two-step login

A strong password goes a long way, but by adding a two-step login, you increase the security even more.

Two-factor authentication, or two-step login, means that both passwords and code are required to log in.

You get the code via an app in your mobile phone.

This makes it much more difficult for any unauthorized person to log in to your account.

One advantage is that you can have the same password for several sites because the code is different for all sites.

You get a new code every 30 seconds in your app and this code is linked to your login with Ballou.

Examples of apps:

Aktivera Tvåstegsinloggning

  1. Log in to My pages
  2. Select Security settings at the top of the blue list on the right where you see Hi, click on the arrow downwards.
  3. Select Click here to activate
  4. Select Time-based HMAC One-time Password (TOTP)
  5. Click the Get Started button
  6. Now you get a picture that looks like the one below that you should scan into your app
  7. Open your app and select add by clicking the plus sign.
  8. Read the code in your app
  9. Now the code is saved in your app
  10. Select Confirm on the web page for my pages, fill in the code you have in the app.
  11. You now get a code that you should save in your computer. This is needed if you do not have access to your mobile at login.
  12. Click Go back to the customer area
  13. Clear!
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